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ACTING THE UNSAYABLE: A workshop for actors, directors and writers.

In our world, we write, gesture, speak in familiar ways and modes so that we are quickly understood and can achieve whatever goal we’ve set ourselves. We rarely reflect on these familiar modes – that, perhaps, they have have locked us into a habitual and mediocre way of relating to our world. We sense that there’s so much more within and between us, but are hardly ever able to reach  that depth or breadth. 

This workshop is for writers, directors, actors who would like to take a line of flight into other possibilities of performance: not simply re-present to us ready-made ideas of ourselves, the other and our cosmos, but enter a process of creation that allows the outside world to challenge & galvanize us and our work – & our work to cast its new expanse back into the world. 


  1. Understanding how familiar modes order the world and predetermine our performance
  2. The joy of journeys: speed, intensity and intervals of the body, relationship with the other, space & time
  3. Playing without an end: the body and the other as process, materiality, possibilities


ANUP SINGH was born in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. He graduated in literature and philosophy from the Bombay University. He is a student of the Film & TV Institute of India, Pune, graduating in direction in 1986. He now lives & works in Geneva, Switzerland.

ANUP SINGH is an internationally renowned film director who’s feature “Qissa – The Tale of a Lonely Ghost” (2013) premiered at TIFF,  where it won the award for “Best Asian Film”. One of the most critically acclaimed films, it has won 15 international awards to date. His next masterpiece, “The Song of Scorpions” (2017), starring Irrfan Khan had its world premiere at Locarno in front of 8000 people on the world’s largest film screen. The film has won numerous accolades worldwide.

Anup Singh has taught and lectured on cinema at numerous universities and film schools in the UK, India and Switzerland.


Date : Sunday, May 19th | 3:00 PM

Venue: Courtyard by Marriott,
90 Biscayne Cres,
Brampton, ON
L6W 4S1