Aurora Borealis

DIRECTOR : Manas Basu
CAST : Soumitra Chatterjee
VENUE: Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas, 22 Lebovic Ave, Scarborough


The segment of solitude in late afternoon : despair . Sublime. Memories and still life in silence where the sounds of silence only can capture the mind set of the superstar of the bygone days. The momentous train with Kash phul (Saccharum spontaneum)his childhood ” Apu” imbibed in his soul the light and shadow look real life  , just like his belief in 4:3 format. His acting not only won the heart of commoners but even fetched him critical acclaim. Some decades of history is being carried by him through his acting where comes the realization of the system of exploiting farmers leading to drought in Bengal to even the grin fight of a teacher to write the best dictionary in Bengali language at the cost of all mundane comfort of his family thus selling the land.  And now, Sleeping pill for insomnia is another prelude to darkness.