Empire- The Maharaja Returns

DIRECTOR : Gary Chutai & Manvinder Dhak
CAST : Virender Sangha, Manny Mahal, Abubaker Khan, Mannu Sandhu
VENUE: PEARSON THEATER | 150 Central Park Dr, Brampton


Empire: The Maharaja Returns retraces the steps of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Khalsa Raj in the 19th century. Ranjit Singh nearly died from smallpox at age 6. Fought in his first battle at age 10. At age 17 he defended Panjab from the Afghan invasion. At 21 he would become the first Maharaja (King) of the Sikh Empire in Lahore. While looking into the instances of seva of Ranjit and moments in history that inspired this great ruler to govern with a key tenant, that all men and women are created equal regardless of caste or creed.