Marilyn Lights

DIRECTOR : Tanmay Singh
CAST : Suhaas Ahuja, Sayali Bhagat, Shruti Gupta
VENUE: Sheridan College Student Centre (The Den) | 816 Sheridan College Dr. Brampton


Marilyn Lights is a cigarette brand that is smoked by ‘cool people’ who are not quitters. Quitting is an easy option in life, be it one’s career, dreams, love or marriage. However, it pays off in the end to not quit and Marilyn Lights (the film) explores this theme via an accidental meeting between two ex lovers, who chance across one another in a cafe, six years after their breakup. The guy finds her just as charming as before, however, as the conversation progresses over a cup of coffee, the girl discovers that the guy has changed drastically and even changed his cigarette brand from Marilyn Lights to something inferior and insignificant. She feels hurt to know that he didn’t live up to his idealistic notions. She makes him realise that he is in a comfort zone that is taking him downhill in life. They seek closure.