Some Ancient Trees

DIRECTOR : Hasnat Sohan
CAST : Pantha ShahriarPangkaj MajumderJyoti ChattopaddhayKazi UzzalMehedi MacMehedi TanjirAlam RahmanMunim Tarafder Mahbub Rahman
VENUE: Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas, 22 Lebovic Ave, Scarborough


Just after the heinous genocide on 25th march 1971, the self declared independent sate Bangladesh’s political leaders start the pursuit of liberating the country from Pakistani occupation through a freedom war. Being in exile in neighboring state India, they realize the necessity to form a government to run the struggle. However, the supreme leader for independence is captive in prison in Pakistan. He is conspired to be hanged.   In such situation will the freedom fighters fighting in the battlefield for the liberty of the newly state consent and accept the newly formed government?